Tuesday, March 18, 2014

• Uighur lawyer tortured to death in China

Gulnar Abdulahat's body

A young Uighur lawyer in China's East Turkestan (Xinjiang) province has died from her injuries as a result of torture by the Chinese authorities.
Gulnar Abdulahat was abducted last year after it was found that she had leaked video footage of a trial of one of her clients who was sentenced to death.
The 30-year-old lawyer had complained that her client was not receiving a fair trial, and by leaking the footage to the internet, she managed to publicize the poor treatment towards her client.

Abdulahat was later removed from the trial, after the leaked videos were discovered and deleted.
She was then arrested for seperatism.

Her family requested for her to be returned on discovering that she was 'sick' and continuously worsening. When she was released, her family said that she was unable to stand, had all of her nails removed, a swollen face and wounds all over her body.

Days later on March 10, Gulnar Abdulahat had given in to her injuries and passed away.
According to RFA radio, after her death, the Chinese authorities also arrested her parents, who are still being held in custody.