Friday, June 20, 2014

• To the world Viet Nam calls for support against the invading China, but inside its own country, anti - China protestors are still being arrested

To the world Viet Nam calls for support against the invading China, but inside its own country, anti - China protestors are still being arrested


Ngoc Nhi Nguyen (Danlambao) - Since China deployed a deep water oil rig into Viet Nam 's waters in the vicinity of Spratly Island in the South China Sea on the 2 May 2014, Viet Nam has been calling for support from other countries, from those in ASEAN and from the United States, to help them regain sovereignty of the two Spratly and Paracel archipelagos. 

Viet Nam went as far as staging a half heartedly government backed anti China demonstration on the 18 May 2014 in Ha Noi and Saigon, where protestors carried placards saying “Long live the Communist Party”, “To learn from Ho Chi Minh”... amongst those with anti China slogans. Viet Nam also asked its citizens to sign a petition online to the White House, asking President Obama to apply economic sanction against the Chinese should they do not remove the oil rig quickly.

China responded by taking the matter to the United Nations and UNCLOS, complaining that it was Viet Nam who was invading Chinese territories. China claims complete sovereignty over Spratly and Paracel archipelagos, citing several official documents from the North Vietnamese government, from prior to the end of the Viet Nam War, as accepting China 's U shaped 9 steps map of the South China Sea. 

China has also deployed a second deep oil rig, this one is positioned even deeper into Vietnamese waters than the first one. Chinese newspapers have been telling Viet Nam to “shut up” and to “stop harrassing China”.

Facing with such blatant acts of challenge, one would expect Viet Nam to step up its anti China campaign? Maybe so to the world, but inside of its own country, Viet Nam is still clamping down hard on any anti China demonstrations organised by the people, in fear that such demonstrations would soon turn into anti government demonstrations, when the people see how ineffectively it has been in dealing with the invasion from China. 

In fact, there has been for many years, outcries from many Vietnamese both in Viet Nam and overseas, that the Communist government is selling off its country to China. The Communist Party of Viet Nam has since its first day relied heavily on China for support and for development, especially after the fall of the Soviet Union in 90s. Viet Nam seems to be under the grip of China in many aspects, from political to military to cultural and economical. There is a popular saying amongst the Vietnamese that the current leaders of Viet Nam would rather loose the country 's sovereignty rather than losing their chairs!

Indeed, Viet Nam since day one has always suppressed its citizens' calls for anti China activities. Today, once again, while the Chinese are terrorising Vietnamese fishermen and invading its waters, anti China demonstrators in Ha Noi were once again quickly and brutally arrested by the police! 

This morning the 19 June 2014, No U group from Ha Noi put out a call on Facebook for an anti China demonstration to be held at the park near the statue of Ly Thai To, at 4 pm in the afternoon. Immediately, scores of policemen and security personels, both in uniform and in disguise were sent to the area. The police brought along many police vans and even buses, ready to cart the demonstrators away. They went as far interfering with the internet and phone signals in the area to prevent the demonstrators from communicating with each others.

By about 4pm, there were between 30 to 40 people gathered at the park for the demonstration. Standing at the front were the familiar faces of Anh Chi, La Viet Dung, Truong Van Dung, Nguyen Thien Nhan...etc. Many of them wore T shirts with the No U logo and held a large banner saying “Down China, China stop invading Viet Nam”. They started to march and to shout anti China slogans. 

Many passerbys, including motorists, and a foreign lady with blond hair, stopped to listen to the demonstrators and took pictures. Immediately, the police moved in to break up the group. Facebooker Anh Chi was dragged off by the neck and others were similarly brutally arrested. About 7 people were taken into custody and was not released until late at night. 

It seems that in response to the blatant act of invasion by the China, the Vietnamese government reacted very slowly and restrained, but is very quick and determined when it comes to reacting to its own citizens protesting against the Chinese 

This raises the question as to WHY?