Sunday, March 15, 2015

• U.S. Military Surrounds Russia, China - NextNewsNetwork

Today, we decided to take a quick look at the US Military presence around the world. What we found was rather interesting.

Earlier this week, we told you about the fiercest armored tank division in the US armed forces, the Ironhorse unit, deploying to Poland. Several thousand US troops are working with the Baltic countries in a massive military exercise. US tanks and warships are crawling all over the old Soviet army bases in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Farther south, US warships are parked in the Mediterranean Sea and American fighter jets are flying over Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Over 12 hundred US soldiers are stationed in and around Baghdad. Plus, CIA operatives and other military forces are controlling drone strikes farther south in Yemen. If that wasn’t enough, Navy ships are currently in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, on both sides of Saudi Arabia. Just to the east, US forces are still setting up shop in Afghanistan, and they’re increasing their presence in Pakistan. Both of those countries share borders with Iran and China, two countries who aren’t on the best of terms with the US. Speaking of China, just this week, the Pentagon announced rebel Islamic forces creating unrest in Myanmar, formerly known Burma. Even farther to the east, the US just finished conducting War Games in the East China Sea with Japan and South Korea. Right now, they’re ALSO training Filipino Armed Forces in the SOUTH China Sea.

When you connect the dots, the US military is currently established in literally almost every other country, surrounding the southern borders of Russia and China.

And oh by the way, another 3 thousand US troops are in West Africa, building quarantine zones and health centers in the fight against Ebola.