Sunday, June 7, 2015

• Why Fil-Am group targets Apple in its anti-China boycott By Don Tagala

NEW YORK - One of the biggest Filipino-American organizations is calling for a boycott of products made in China to protest reclamation activities in the West Philippine Sea.
Business tycoon and community leader Loida Nicolas Lewis is calling for a boycott on everything made in China.

Led by Nicolas Lewis, the US Pinoys for Good Governance (USPGG) and members of the Filipino-American community are holding an anti-China protest on Fifth Avenue on June 12, as part of a global day of action against China's so-called bullying in the West Philippine Sea over disputed territories.

"It is our own way of saying, sa manlulupig di ka pasisiil," said Nicolas-Lewis, national chairman of the USPGG.

She said they chose to hold the protest on the day of the Philippine independence to send a strong message that they will not allow China to occupy Philippine territories.

"The rapacious reclaiming of land--there's now 2,000 acres of artificial islands, 8 islands, 2000 acres--by China government you know, napaka-walang hiya. So what can we do? Kung pwede lang bobombahin natin, but of course we abide by the rule of law," she said.

Nicolas-Lewis is organizing the non-violent protest in front of New York City's Apple flagship store where she says products may be designed in the US but are mostly made in China.

"Each and every clear-thinking, country-loving Filipinos should stop buying China goods. Sasabihin 'Ay balewala yan'. But if each one of us says 'balewala', then there is no fight against China. So each one of us should make that commitment, made in China, no!" she added.

When it comes to keeping the peace in the West Philippine Sea, Nicolas-Lewis said the US may have its own reasons for being present in the disputed region, but she's grateful nonetheless.

"So they are now going to patrol the South China Sea, not because of the Philippines, you know that's what they reason, we are friendly with the Philippines, but it's because international navigation is being disturbed by China and that is not good. Not good for the US, not good for the world," she said.

The boycott China protest is scheduled at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, June 12th at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store.

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